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In a world filled with broken experiences and broken moments I went on the search for answers. I went deep into the heart of understanding these experiences and the lessons that could teach others and myself on how to mend these broken paths.

This book will explain the following:

• Broken Pieces and how to understand them
• The Stages of brokenness
• Reflections we have along the path and what these reflections help with
• Ways to freedom and methods to get there
• Healing movements away from brokenness
• Understanding that we’re not alone in any of this
• Stepping into someone’s brokenness and how to deal with this decision
• Closure moments to move on
• Creating new directions for a better paths
• Then finally on the unbroken roads to redemption

Understanding and Mending Broken Paths was created for the intention to help people with their broken path. Along the journey in everyone’s path we will have broken pieces that will define and make us. By understanding on how to tackle these broken experiences that we have along the path, we can realize that we can mend our broken hearts through self-discovery and self-healing. So I welcome everyone and all to learn more about how this can help you and make your journey better and brighter.